The Rules

Islay Beach Rugby Rules

The pitch is copy trade pocket option 25 metres by 20 metres.

Rugby jerseys must be warn by all players.

No footwear of any kind is allowed.

Each team shall consist of a maximum of 10 players named on a team sheet.

The team sheet shall be handed to the organisers before the team’s first game.

No player shall be named on more than one team sheet.

Teams shall field 5 players at any one time from the team sheet for each game but players may be substituted for whatever reason during the game.

There are no line-outs, scrums or ball-kicking.

The pocketoption review game is (re)started by a tap-off.

If a grounded ball is not cleared within 3 seconds it is given to the defending  team.

One try is worth one point and must be scored but touch the ball down.

After a try is scored, the conceding team will restart the game at the pitch centre.

Games will be 4 minutes each way; the final will be 7 minutes each way.

Half time is 2 minutes.

The highest scoring team will be declared the winner in the event of a preliminary round tie.

A tie in the semi-final or final will be determined by a ‘sudden death’ try score.

Player Sanctions:  sin bin (2 minute), expulsion from game, expulsion from tournament.

The decision of the tournament director pocket option bonus rules is final.